Does 'IT' mean Irretrievable Time to you?

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If you’re reading this you may be looking to make some changes in your IT environment. Perhaps you’re a busy executive losing valuable time to IT problems, or having to manage entire IT systems. 

Hi, I‘m John Mekis, founder and owner of The Stone Soup Group. We provide comprehensive IT solutions for small and medium businesses.

As a longtime business owner myself, I understand some of the challenges you face in today’s environment.

If you need IT help, you’ve come to the right place, and here is why:

1. We listen. We want to understand your challenges and goals so we can meet your needs.

2. We customize IT soltuions. My team, working in strategic partnership with yours, will create a custom plan for you based on unbiased IT solutions that meet your business and budget goals. With this strategic partnership we work to become “Your Trusted IT Advisors”.

3. We speak your language. We explain IT in plain terms that are accessible to everyone.  I hand-pick my team not only for technical expertise (a given) but also for communication and people skills.

4. We’re established, with a proven track record. For 20 years we’ve been earning the trust of  business owners like you who know that we deliver results and stand behind our work.

Let us show you how the right technology for your situation can help maximize productivity and add to your competitive edge.  Just call 303.900.2685 today for a free, 7-point IT phone assessment no risk, no obligation,  just a glimplse at how much easier your life could be.

I look forward to talking with you,

John Mekis
President, Stone Soup Group

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