Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Q: How are you different from other IT service providers?
A: We build relationships. We know that to earn your trust we have to prove ourselves and offer more than technical expertise. We listen, we’re highly responsive and we always aim to exceed your expectations. We’re a solutions-based provider dedicated not only to solving your problems but creating value for you, our clients.

2. Q: Are you affiliated with any hardware or software companies?
A. No. We are an independent organization with no sales agenda, and we don’t take any commissions or any other third-party fees. So we’re able to provide unbiased solutions with only your best interest in mind.

3. Q: Do you have a standard IT plan that you offer your clients?
A: No. The very core of our business is providing custom IT solutions based on your challenges and goals. But there are some IT issues that are not industry specific, and our experience with these can accelerate our service, saving you time and money.

4. Q: What more do you offer besides the technology you deliver?
A: Our services range from basic repairs to preventative maintenance to strategic IT planning. We can show you how IT systems provide real business solutions, and work with you to develop a long-range strategic IT plan that serves your company’s goals.

5. Q: What’s the value of an IT strategy?
A: Technology plays a key role in most businesses today and an IT consultant can be much more than a break-and-fix service. Developing an IT strategy that integrates a company’s goals is both cost effective and efficient. As part of your team, we can design IT plans that help increase your company’s productivity and competitive edge.

6. Q: How do you determine what would work best for my company?
A: First, we listen carefully. We ask the right questions and discuss your situation to assess your needs. Based on that information we develop and present options, and then together we choose the best way to proceed.

7. Q: Can you translate technology jargon into plain English?
A: We make it a point. We believe that for us to be effective we have to explain problems and solutions in a manner that allows you to make well-informed decisions. 

8. Q: What results can I expect?
A: After we decide on the best course of action for you, we agree on specific “deliverables” so that we both understand the tasks and you can assess our performance. You can expect a more efficient IT system, less downtime, peace of mind knowing sensitive information is secure, and more staff time to focus on other tasks.

9. Q: How long does it take to get results?
A: That is highly variable depending on your specific situation. As a point of reference, we often encounter IT systems in need of remediation to bring them into good working order, which can take up to a month.

10. Q: How can you assure me that you can provide the same level of attention as an in-house IT department?
A: We have to be acutely service focused if we expect to keep you as a client. We assign a dedicated consultant to you, someone who is familiar with your situation and environment so he or she can hit the ground running whenever you need.

11. Q: What work agreement structure do you offer?
A: Most clients find the greatest value in continuing support agreements; however, we can tailor our agreement to your situation.

12. Q: What experience do you bring to the table?
A: Nearly 20 years as the Stone Soup Group. In addition, we attend continuing-education sessions regularly to stay up-to-the-minute in this complex and ever-changing field. Of course we can’t be experts in everything, and when a subject is outside our scope we say so.

13. Q: Do you have a typical client?
A: Each client is unique, but they share one common element: they recognize that IT plays an essential role in the success of their business and are prepared to invest in technology to improve their bottom line.

14. Q: Why should I work with you when there are cheaper services available?
A: Simply put, you get what you pay for. With a lower-cost service you usually pay for it again… and again. We do our job right the first time, saving you both time and money in the long run. We offer value for your investment.

15. Q: Is there a way to “test-drive” you before proceeding with a work agreement?
A: Yes. One way to determine if we are a good fit is to schedule a free 7-point IT assessment. We also encourage you to contact us for a list of references, 303.900.2685 or

16. Q: May I contact you directly for additional information?
A: We would be delighted to hear from you (contact details above).


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