The Stone Soup Fable

There are many variations on this old German fable, and the following is just one (very condensed) version.

But the moral is essentially the same: we can accomplish more when we pool our resources and work together.

It’s this concept that inspired our name: at the Stone Soup Group, we assemble talent and resources in order to maximize the benefits we can deliver to our clients.


Once upon a time a there was great famine and people thought they had to hoard food to survive. One day two soldiers returning from war arrived in a village asking for a meal, but the villagers refused.

“Then we will make stone soup," one of the soldiers said mysteriously. They asked only for a big cauldron and water to fill it. They set it in the middle of the village square and built a large fire underneath. Then one of the soldiers produced an ornate bag from his cape, removed three very ordinary stones, and dropped them into the water with great ceremony.

Stone Soup Kettle

When a crowd gathered with curiosity, the soldier said, "A good soup needs salt and pepper." Since that was not so much to give up, one of the peasants sent his daughter to fetch some salt and pepper.

Then the other soldier said to himself rather loudly, "Oh, I do love stone soup, but stone soup with carrots...that's hard to beat." Overhearing this, another villager sent his son home to fetch a carrot hidden in the cellar – after all, it was just a carrot, not really that much.

"Magnificent, thank you!" exclaimed the soldier. "You know, I once had stone soup with salt beef as well, and it was fit for the king!" So the village butcher managed to find a little salt beef. And so it went, until soon there were onions, potatoes, barley, cabbage, and milk for the soup.

"A great soup would be even better with bread and cider," a villager volunteered, and brought them forth. Now it was a feast, which the soldiers happily shared with the villagers. Everyone agreed they had never before tasted anything as good, and sang and danced and celebrated well into the night.

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